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Green Energy Turbines


The project is developed by the consortium of three youth organisations from Poland, Spain and Hungary.


Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy

We are NGO which promotes intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and social entrepreneurship by providing educational opportunities for educators from different backgrounds as well as different groups of adults.

The staff members of the organisation include experienced educators and project managers.



We are a Spanish peer-run institution that contributes to creating long-term links between different persons and organizations.

An NGO that promotes sustainable development, inclusion and the importance of volunteering culture.


The organization focuses on institutional capacity-building for individuals and institutions through local training programs, workshops, creation of partnerships with other institutions internationally providing a platform for the exchange of experiences.


TE IS Foundation

TE IS is an NGO acting at local and international level, run by volunteer board members, legally established in 2004.
TE IS aims: to empower young citizens to be active in their local community and to be involved actively in civil society; to raise awareness about common values such as tolerance, social inclusion, equal opportunities and cultural diversity; to promote the idea of volunteerism; to foster partnership and international co-operation between groups of young people. 

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